Stress and Burger & Lobster

I've had a pretty (read: very!) tough week at work and have been busy from 8am to 5pm, if not later. The stress I have been feeling have been on a new level. A level I do not like in the slightest. I'd like to think I handle stressful situations quite well but I find it hard to shake it off and relax and so often bring these stress feelings home. I seriously think this is why I'm still unwell and my skin breaking out.. My mind, soul and body is having a mini crash. Oh well. Nothing I can't handle! *positive thoughts* Last night I met up with my sister Maianh who currently (move home please) lives in Dubai. We went to Burger&Lobster and had lobster roll and grilled lobster, with garlic and butter sauce and chips. I hadn't seen her for months so we had a lot of catching up to do. We are in quite different periods in life and I find it so amusing hearing her stories from Dubai.. It's better than reality tv, seriously! Our food was absolutely delicious and finished off with baileys ice cream. Nom om om.   Love those "clouds".

Puss, N