Sager + Wilde, Satan's Whiskers, Primeur and Shoreditch House

Oh what a wonderful weekend I've had. Let's start with Saturday! I spent most of the day in bed (because I deserved it after the week I had) catching up on tv-shows, got ready and met Tom. We started our afternoon with a bottle of bubbly at Sager & Wilde, a lovely wine bar on Hackney Road. sagerTom has the ability to make you look super cool in pictures. Highly appreciated quality in new friends, don't you think?DSC04244Sourdough bread and pea and mint hummus. Nom omDSC045257DSC04274Next stop: Satan's Whiskers. A not so secret cocktail bar in Bethnal Greensatans-whiskerscocktailsEspresso Martini and Berry cocktail. Now, finally time for dinner! Tom had been raving about Primeur for some time so I was super excited to try it out. It is a small restaurant near Canonbury in North London and their menu changes daily. We were met by my friend Nigel and Tom's brothers Joe and Barns. DSC04281DSC04286asparagaswine The most amazing amber wine. I learnt that in order to make amber wine (it is actually white wine) they leave the skin on the grapes during the fermentation, instead of having them peeled.. DSC04287DSC04302panacotta The menu at Primeur was simple, classic and beautiful and everything was cooked to perfection. I love when your fellow table friends are happy to order EVERYTHING on the menu and share amongst each other (even though it is usually me forcing people). I can't wait to go back in the summer when they open up the walls so you can sit outside. We finished our evening at Shoreditch House playing ping pong (me and Tom won against his brothers, had to be mentioned), eating candy and discussing flights, travels and shoe sizes.SH Sager + Wilde 193 hackney road London, E2 8JL

Satan's Whiskers 343 Cambridge Heath Road London, E2 9RA

Primeur Barnes Motors, 116 Petherton Rd London N5 2RT

Puss, N