Recipe | Dairy free cauliflower and carrot soup


Recipe time! For some reason I got the itch to make soup last week. I immediately went on pinterest and combined a couple of different recipes, as you do.


  • A big cauliflower head
  • A couple of carrots (I used 3)
  • A yellow onion
  • Lots of garlic (as usual..)
  • Chicken or vegetable stock (I used chicken stock) - about 2 litres
  • Spices

I cut the carrots and cauliflower into chunky bits and placed them to the side. I popped sliced onion and chopped garlic into a big pot and fried it in some olive oil until soft. I then put the veggies inside the pot and poured the stock all over it and let it boil for about 45 minutes until super super soft and mushy. I added salt, pepper and various other spices during the boil - add whatever you like! To mix it into a smooth soup I used my regular smoothie maker. I had to mix a little bit at a time as my smoothie maker is quite small, but it worked out in the end! To make it creamier I added a cup of coconut milk into the mix.

Options: Next time I'd probably add chopped sweet potato and some more veggies to make it more "chewy".

I promise I'll have more pictures during the cooking next time - I just didn't think the soup would turn out so well, haha!! Need to believe in my own cooking more I think :)

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