Queens Park farmers market and sleepy brunchers

GOOD EVENING!I'm terribly sorry for the awful update. Promise I'll make it up to you! After a super eventful friday and saturday (pictures coming) this is exactly what my body, mind and soul needed. I travelled to Queens Park this morning to meet up with Karla and Nigel, some of the bestest people I know. We were all extremely tired after only a few hours sleep, but were in good spirit :) The Farmers Market sells everything from fresh juices, bread and cheese to seasonal vegetables and fruit. Everything organic, of course.Karla is the best for advice on fresh foods. Fresh pasta!! I couldn't help myself.. I bought a tub of Basil Pesto And two bags of fresh whole wheat pasta. Can't wait to cook! After our successful shopping we walked back towards Queens Park station and had brunch at The Alice House. We ordered peppermint and breakfast tea, cullen skink omelette (which is some kind of potato-, fishy omelette), english muffin with poached eggs and potato cakes with sausage and eggs Nigel!  My soulsister

The Alice House in Queens Park (I have been to the one in Hampstead as well and recommend both!) is super lovely. The interior is beautiful, staff welcoming and chatty and the food was just what we all needed.

Puss, N