Pizza and horror

So.. I absolutely hate horror movies. Don't think I've seen one since the first Saw movie came out. I hate feeling scared and uncomfortable so in turn I quite enjoy my predictable rom-coms. Who's with me?Anyway. Aaron had the most brilliant idea of watching It Follows, a film about Jay who after a seemingly innocent sexual encounter finds herself plagued by strange visions and the inescapable sense that someone, something, is following her. I refused to watch the movie but we ended up watching it anyway. On a big screen. With surround sound. Great, thanks guys. Aarons girlfriend Iman is an amazing cook (and food blogger, check her out here!) and I am always excited to try her food. Tonight she made the most delicious pizzas, yum! Pharao poisoned us all (in a good way) with our special rumflower drink (if you know you know) and we had popcorn for days.

DSC03820pizzaDSC03813 DSC03816 DSC03839 DSC03832Untitled-1During the film we took a short break and topped up drinks, popcorn mugs and swapped seats. Nigel made his famous Nutella/Baileys french toast which is SO AWESOME I could eat the entire thing. Wish I was kidding.DSC03842DSC03843DSC03846DSC03861DSC03863DSC03849I wasn't the only one who was scared, haha!

I seriously love this crew. I don't think we saw 5 minutes of the film without commenting on something which made it so much easier for me to watch, haha! Can't wait for our next gathering.

Puss, N