Perfect sundays

On sunday last week I met up with Mikaela and had a late breakfast at Franze & Evans i Shoreditch. I had a wonderful raspberry, elderflower smoothie and ate Huevor Rancheros, which is eggs in a crispy tortilla, beans, chorizo, salsa and avocado. The messiest breakfast I've ever had but oh so good.DSC03925 DSC03935DSC03930 Mikaela had a classic sourdough toast with avocado.DSC03932 During breakfast she explained she'd been to the city farm before breakfast and I simply said TAKE ME THERESo she did :)DSC03938 Spitalfields City Farm is what is says. It's a small farm in the middle of the city with animals, organically grown vegetables and herbs and a small cafe.DSC034985DSC03954DSC03949 DSC03951 DSC03957 DSC03960 DSC03990 DSC03991It is pretty amazing having a farm next to the hustle and bustle by brick lane.

Spitalfields City Farm Buxton Street London E1 5AR

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