One of those weeks

Oh my days, I haven't blogged in a week. I spent the entire last weekend making sure my bf had a good birthday and I think I succeeded! But after the weekend I had the busiest of times at work, training new staff, planning events and going to the gym. The blog simply had to take a break.Well, let me update y'all now! Last weekend we stayed at Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, ate at Merchants Tavern, watched a handful of House of Cards episodes and indulged in sweets. Pictures from the hotel will follow shortly as I am waiting for G to send them over.

Merchants Tavern was a unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. The reviews says the opposite so I don't know.. Maybe I have to give them another chance? On arrival I was starving so I ordered a small plate of duck, mushroom, pine nut & polenta balls with aioli. Yum! For main G had a steak (which he ordered well done, but it was weeeelllll done if you know what I mean) and I ordered a fish dish with mussels. We were both satisfied with our meal but it didn't blow us away. I felt like I could've cooked something similar, you know? DSC03763 DSC03768 DSC03770 DSC03772 gab When I booked the table (via opentable) I wrote a comment for them to write Happy Birthday G. I had actually forgotten about this so I was pleasantly surprised when they brought in a plate with two small cakes with the text. We also had a floating island (soft meringue) and tahitian vanilla custard. Now THIS was yummy. Extremely sweet but yummy.

To my little review. The service was just.. No. Our waiter didn't seem to understand a single word we said and we had to ask for a jug of water 4 times before we actually got one. We had to repeat ourselves on numerous occasions and that's just a bit annoying. Sure, the music was loud in the background but it wasn't so loud that you wouldn't be able to hold a conversation, cause we did. The food was fine, interior pretty and the vibe inside was super cool.. I'm just not totally convinced about this place. If you've been and had a different experience, let me know!

Puss, N