New opening! Radio Alice Pizzeria in Hoxton Square

I usually don't like last minute changes but yesterday night was an exception.. I left work, bought food cause I thought I was cooking dinner, got a text, popped the food in the freezer (going away over the weekend) and went to Hoxton Square in Shoreditch. Radio Alice Pizzeria has finally opened their doors and it designed by MB Associates.Radio Alice is a new, proper, italian pizzeria named after a pirate radio station that broadcasted in the 70's from the centre of Bologna. The founders, Matteo and Salvatore Aloe was after uni bored of the "typical" italian restaurants and decided to start something new with focus on respect and joy. Their website says respect in the form of mother yeast, ancient stone ground flour and organic ingredients to create a light base that was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Joy in the form of adding the toppings after the base was cooked, so you could appreciate their full flavours. Well that sounds good to me!

radioalice1 radioalice2I was obviously the first one there cause I get a bit too excited when it comes to food radioalice5I sat at the bar, chatted to staff, took some pictures and ordered a glass of wine. I found out that their wines are sourced from small organic vineyards and yes I'm the type of person that smiles when someone says organic, okay? The wine was yum. Probably because it was organic.radioalice4 radioalice6Love an open kitchen! radioalice7 radioalice8Love these little details as well! Fresh flowers and candles. Yes yes.radioalice9Remember this!radioalice10After a little while my bf and his colleagues came and we sat down at a large table upstairs and ordered lots of starters to share - love people who likes to share food!radioalice-burrataBuurrrraaattttaaaaa, oh god so good and so creamyradioalice-pizza-beetrootThe mains started rolling in as well.. Beetroot pizzaradioalice-pizza-parmaProsciutto pizza.. my faveradioalice-pizzaLots of wineradioalice-pizza-porkSausage pizza..radioalice-pizza-slicesAnd classic pizzas with mozzarella and tomatoes.. yumradioalice-interiorradioalice-interior2View from above!radioalice-sorbetWe finished our meal with this super refreshing cucumber, mint and lime sorbet with a mini-jug of gin (a little strange but I like strange!) As a lot of you know, I judge a restaurant by absolutely everything from interior to service to the food they serve. Radio Alice had it all :) I'll be back!

Radio Alice 16 Hoxton Square London N1 6NT