Magnum Pleasure Store

Completely forgot about this!! Last week I met up with Nigel and he took me to Magnum's new ice cream bar on South Molton Street. Holy moly we were both in heaven.You basically get to pick chocolate or vanilla ice cream - I chose vanillaThen add 3 toppings - I chose cinnamon coated nuts, white chocolate flakes and caramel crisp ballsThen you got to choose what sauce to dip it in - we both chose one coat of milk chocolate, one coat of peanut butter sauce (omg omg omg) and one last coat of chocolateThe result!!!I couldn't get a decent picture taken simply because I had to eat it.It's not the cheapest ice cream in the world BUT it was actually worth it! Go go go!

Outfit: Top from Zara, bag from Saint Laurent

Puss, N