M stands for Marvellous

On friday last week my colleague invited a few of us out for a fancy friday lunch at M restaurant on threadneedle walk in the city. I had been once before and knew it would be good from entering.We ordered a bottle of red (Malbec) to share and a few starters and eventually mains. The menu is divided into Raw and Grill (sushi and grilled fish/steak) and we decided to stick to grill. Half had the Sea Bream which was absolutely stunning (I tasted some) and half had steak which was super good too, especially with the black garlic aioli. DSC05665 copyDSC05668 copyDSC05669 copyDSC05670 copyDSC05671 copyDSC05672 copyDSC05676 copyDSC05678 copyDSC05679 copyDSC05682 copyDSC05685 copyDSC05686 copyFor dessert I had a pavlova with basil ice cream which was.. interesting. I think I prefer basil in my pasta or with mozzarella and tomatoes.. :) The strawberry marshmallows were good though! Service was great but a bit slow for being a lunch booking - we obviously had to get back to the office and continue our day. I'll definitely go back to M in the future!