The longest bday celebration | Part 3


As my very last and final celebration (and on my actual birthday) I booked dinner at Aquavit, a nordic Michelin starred restaurant in the middle of London. The restaurant had been on my foodie-list for a very long time and I was super excited to try it out.

The first thing I noticed when we entered was the interior. A lot of wood, gold and Christmas decor that apparently took a team 3 nights to put up.

Me, G and Maianh ordered drinks whilst waiting for Tom.

Beautiful bar!

My Dubai living sis <3

As soon as Tom arrived our waiter Naveed (hope I'm spelling that right..) helped us order our food. I absolutely loved that he was super honest about his recommendations and went to check certain items on the menu due to allergies etc.

We got various kinds of bread with "salted butter" (definitely tasted like a mild kaviar!) to start with.

Then we shared a toast skagen. yuuum.

And oysters. even more yum

As main Tom ordered fish, G classic meatballs, I ordered Beef Rydberg and Mai ordered Duck.

I'm pretty sure it was during our main that I noticed that Dolph Lundgren sat at a table not far from us and shared it with the others who immediately starred to where I was subtly pointing. Soon our waiter came over as well and wondered who on earth it was, haha! On to the food. We all very much enjoyed our dishes and shared and tasted everything and boy was it good. Wished we tried more items on the smörgåsbord menu but I wouldn't have been able to finish my main..

For dessert someone (no idea who) ordered a vanilla cream for me and everyone sang happy birthday which was lovely :) Attention attention, give me attention!

As another little birthday treat we each got a aquavit shot too. Ugh.

I'm not a fan of shots in general and aquavit is very, very strong.

We all downed it and pretty much rolled home to sleep - but first.. family photo :)

As soon as Aquavit has some kind of offer on I am heading straight back (as it's kind of pricey)! I've also heard that they do an amazing brunch including pancakes, nom nom om.

Aquavit St James's Market 1 Carlton Street London SW1Y 4QQ