Liquor Bar Brunch and Broadway!

After checking in to Sixty Hotel we had brunch at Schillers Liquor Bar nearby. I had a lovely salmon bagel and Katie had a classic avocado on toast. We were both very impressed by Lower East Side and its many options for food and shopping!dsc06554-copy dsc06555-copy dsc06556-copy dsc06557-copy dsc06558-copy dsc06560-copyAfter our brunch we walked all the way to Lower Manhattan - trust me it's far! Our destination was TKTS - a shop where you can buy discounted last minute tickets to broadway musical and theatres.dsc06565-copy dsc06566-copyWe managed to find it and as a bye-present to me Katie got us tickets to see The Phantom of The Opera!!!! Arrghhh I was so excited! We eventually took a cab back to ours and got ready for the evening. dsc06589EEEKK!!Wine in sippy cups :)dsc06581The chandelier! If you've seen the movie or musical you know how important it is..I could obviously not take any pictures during the musical but oh my god what an incredible performance! I had goosebumps throughout the entire musical and absolutely loved it.Afterwards we walked over to Times Square so I could see it during night time..dsc06583dsc06586We weren't the only ones with that idea, haha!