Let's escape the clouds by boat

On friday we woke up bright and early and cooked breakfast.. Eggs, yoghurt and watermelon.Our attempt to toast bread in the oven went great.. We got dressed and walked down to the beach to have a little look and then took a cab to San AntonioWe walked along the harbour and chose a random stall and booked a 2 hour boat trip for €30 each. dsc06758-copy dsc06761-copy dsc06763-copy dsc06764-copy We stopped at Leopard for lunchdsc06765-copy dsc06766-copy dsc06770-copy Continued walking around the towndsc06776-copy dsc06777-copyWalked back to the harbour..dsc06778-copy dsc06779-copy dsc06798-copy Our yellow ride!dsc06802-copyBy this time the weather had completely switched. There were dark clouds and you could hear the thunder from miles awaydsc06811-copyWe all told the captain to please take us somewhere sunny!dsc06808-copy dsc06814-copy dsc06817-copy Passed all these beautiful cliffs dsc06822-copy And eventually we found sunshine!dsc06828-copy dsc06831-copy Captain showing us how to use the body jet ski.. dsc06845-copy dsc06854-copydsc06834-copyWe spent a good hour swimming around, diving with the body jet ski, attempting (!) to paddle board and just relax before it was time to go back.. dsc06869-copyBy 6pm the clouds had pretty much gone and we took a bus back to Playa d'en bossa :)