Le Relais de Venise - my favourite steak restaurant!

The days after Ibiza were hoooorrible. I felt like I was still recovering from my NYC jetlag and on top of that Ibiza! I've never been so nauseous and tired in my life (possibly at some point while working for Emirates). The days after were just a blur and even my colleagues noticed I wasn't looking well. The result was a day off middle of the week to rest and I felt a lot better after that. During the weekend I caught up with Mikaela again and met up with her, Nadia and Martina. We met at Nadia's salon and walked to Soho when I spotted Le Relais De Venise, my absolute favourite steak restaurant. I managed to convince the girls to eat there so we did :)dsc06951-copy The menu is minimal and simple, just the way I like it. One choice. That's it. Salad, steak and french fries. Mmmh.dsc06952-copy dsc06954-copy We shared a bottle of red and waited for our startersdsc06956-copy dsc06958-copy dsc06959-copy dsc06964-copy Mikaela and Martinadsc06966-copy Nadia and medsc06968-copy Taddaaaaaa!! It may not look appetising but trust me, it is.dsc06969-copy That yucky green stuff you see is a heavenly buttery herbal secret recipe saucedsc06972-copyAnd the verdict? They all loved it! Not going to lie, I was slightly nervous they wouldn't like it, haha!I did feel like I was cheating as I've never been to the restaurant without my boyfriend, but I'm sure he'll forgive me :)

Le Relais de Venise has four locations in London and you can find them all here!