JinJuu / Kingly Street

Okaaay so I might have found one of my new favourite restaurants.. On Wednesday me and two colleagues went to JinJuu on Kingly Street near Carnaby Street (Oxford Circus).Google says that JinJuu is a modern Korean restaurant based in London and Hong Kong that serves modernised street food. My colleagues had randomly found the place a week earlier but had only had dessert, so we decided to order everything on the menu because.. why not? Love little details like these The most amazing fried tofu burgers Crispy fried round prawn cakes and kimchi arancini (rice balls), both deliciousKorean chopped green salad with spicy prawns Glazed usda short rib - OMG this was so good. It literally fell apart as soon as my chopsticks touched them.. Miso grilled vegetables MY FAVOURITE TIME! Dessert. Fried apple mandoo pie. Imagine McDonalds apple pie but with more cinnamon. Tip for next time: ask for vanilla ice cream instead of the sour-ish maple yoghurt Snickers hotteok - super yum 3 in each pack, 3!!  And let's not forget about the toilets. I actually went simply to look at the pictures. Judge me all you want!  Jinjuu 15 Kingly St London W1B 5PS

Puss, N