It's just food

On thursday I worked a half day because ME AND G WERE GOING TO COPENHAGEN! We arrived at Gatwick starving so found ourselves a random restaurant and ordered food. The flight itself was absolutely horrendous and let me tell you why! I've been struggling with hay fever for the last two weeks and my worst symptom is my sinuses. It's like my entire head have been filled with cotton and I cannot hear nor breathe. Something I learned (the hard way) whilst working for Emirates is that you shall not fly if you have blocked ears/nose. Well. I forgot about that didn't I?We managed to watch half an episode of Game of Thrones before I took out my earphones and closed my eyes. I was in so much pain. During the last 20 minutes of the flight tears were literally streaming down my face and I couldn't do anything about it. One of the cabin crew was super lovely and gave me a cup with some tissue in it that had peppermint oil on it. It should help clear the airways etc but didn't. For some reason it at least made me calmer, whilst squeezing G's hand blue. Once on ground I quickly checked my face and my mascara, which is not waterpoof, was literally ALL over my face. Hah. What a nightmare. I tried to wash my face at the airport whilst some lady asked if I was ok.. Anyway, that was my little felt-sorry-for-myself-rant.

We stayed in an area called Amager and the train stop was 12 minutes from the airport (love how small it is!). We managed to find our airbnb flat and was let in by the owner who showed us around. We were starving (again) so asked for the nearest restaurant but decided to buy pizza, nom nom nom.

That was our first day in copenhagen.

DSC04476 copy DSC04480 copyActual travel posts on it's way, haha!

Puss, N