Indian takeaway, naked exhibition and dive bar in Brooklyn

On thursday evening we decided to have a casual evening and order takeaway from Ariel's local indian. We ate, drank wine and had the most wonderful conversations about female empowerment and friendships. God I love dinners like these.DSC06221 copy DSC06222 copy After we walked to Wythe Avenue and checked out Body of Work by Camila Falquez who exhibited the most stunning photographiesDSC06224 copy DSC06225 copy Then the ladies took me to my first dive bar - in short a bar with cheap drinks that outweighs the crappy atmosphere, haha! But hey, with good company I can be anywhere.DSC06229 copy DSC06232 copy DSC06233 copyAfter a few drinks we went to my friends house party nearby in a converted church, don't know how or why I forgot to take pictures but it was a STUNNING place, haha!