House of Alt and Bone Daddies

On Thursday I was invited to House of Alt's birthday party! House of Alt is a collective of creative directors doing anything and everything from DJ, production to photography. Basically a group of awesome people.    DSC05589 copyNigel and CleoDSC05593 copy DSC05594 copy DSC05595 copy DSC05597 copy DSC05598 copy DSC05600 copy Those hats <3 DSC05606 copy Mr. Hat :)DSC05608 copy After the event we were all hungry so walked to Soho and Bone Daddies (previous review here)DSC05610 copy Kay and Shakka joined dinnerDSC05614 copy DSC05617 copy DSC05619 copy DSC05620 copy Garlic in a bottle - didn't see this last time I was there!DSC05624 copyT22: soy ramen, chicken, cock scratchings™, onion, nori (chicken bone broth). Ah my god it was SO good. Definitely one of the best ramen restaurants in London!