Happy new quarter party with a twist

Yesterday me and my closest friends celebrated a new quarter (Q2) at Love Fresh Vietnamese, owned by my good friend Nam.We met up in the evening and decorated the place with black balloons because why not! Pharao took care of the welcome drink.. Rumflower!And Touche poured it up!Friends arrived from all over and we sat down to enjoy Nam's amazing food! Rice, noodles, chicken of all kind, veggies and pancakes.. yum! Very proud of those who ate with chopsticks ;) After dinner someone thought it was a great idea to do shots.. Me and my babes - Mikaela and Emelie <3 Me and him <3Soon after the above pics were taken I asked Nam to turn off the lights and we all screamed/sang happy birthday to G. He's not a fan of birthday celebrations but since I love him like crazy I just had to do something. Just a little something.The beautiful cake is made by Ana from Mamma and Mia CakesWe destroyed that red velvet cake, hahaAmie and me, heeeeyG and the boys <3I've got another 200+ pictures from last night but they will be kept private, haha! We had such a good time and I have honestly missed evenings like these that are filled with food, friends and good music. Can't wait for the next dinner party!