Girls dinner at Kinkao

Good evening guys! It's almost a new week but let's check what I did last night first.I'm in this group chat on whatsapp and trying to organise something for all of us (13!) is pretty impossible so us girls decided to ditch the boys (sorry not sorry) and have dinner at Kinkao in Shoreditch. We started with a mixed platter of all things yummy.dsc07576-copydsc07578-copyMy beautiful friends Latisse and Nicoledsc07579-copyThai green curry, extra mild, haha.dsc07580-copyAnother curry, extra milddsc07581-copyPad thaidsc07582-copy We had such a lovely dinner. The food was delicious as always and we talked for hours! I love more relaxed evenings like these, especially with good hearted people like these girls.