Garlic & Shots

Nearly every single time I've been to Stockholm during the last 5 years I've had dinner at Garlic & Shots. My friend Arild introduced me to the restaurant based on our love for good food and garlic, and it's simply become a tradition that we dine there.It's not a fancy restaurant, the interior is super strange and they play hard core rock music - but the food is worth it. As the name says, every dish is cooked with lots of garlic in it, even the desserts.DSC05124 copy DSC05128 copy I always pick the ribs. Always. Just read these words: GARLIC HONEY ROASTED BABY BACK RIBS, come on??DSC05129 copy DSC05132 copy Their shot-list is LONG and includes shots with garlicDSC05133 copy Arild and G ate their massive burgers knowing they would have some of my ribsDSC05136 copy Two layers of ribs on top of potato skins and honey sauce, fingerlickin' yuuuum.DSC05138 copyI very rarely finish a plate on my own.. As you can see the portions are massive!

Next time you're in Stockholm and want to feel like you've bathed in garlic, go there.

Puss, N