Friend filled thursday in Stockholm

Thursday was my only "free day" so I caught up with friends. I got ready in the apartment, decided to wear my new earrings from Asos (link) and pop my hair up in a bun.dsc07062-copy dsc07064-copy dsc07066-copy Look at Arilds wonderful view?!dsc07067-copy Usual scandi-uniform.. All black with extra layers.I met up with Anja and we went to Vigårda, a restaurant in Mood shopping centre where Linnea was waiting.dsc07070-copydsc07073-copy Vigårda is basically a fancy burger restaurant!dsc07072-copy Yum!! dsc07075-copy Me and Linnea :) After lunch we did some shopping in the area.dsc07078-copy dsc07079-copy dsc07080-copy dsc07081-copy dsc07082-copy The prettiest Urban Outfitters!dsc07083-copy dsc07084-copy I took the train back to the apartment to quickly change and touch up on my makeup and returned back to Stockholmdsc07086-copy We had dinner at Aqui restaurant, a spanish tapas place.dsc07089-copy Sangria, a mustdsc07090-copy dsc07091-copy And lots and lots of fooddsc07092-copy dsc07093-copy dsc07094-copy dsc07095-copy We ordered 3 dishes each but that was clearly too much, haha! The portions were massive and super delicious. Well worth a visit! After dinner we walked to Caliroots and they had an event with Tommy Hilfiger branddsc07097-copy dsc07099-copy Anja, me and Christian! Hadn't seen him since 2010?! Crazy.dsc07101-copyWe didn't stay that long as it was incredibly busy so ended up going to a bar nearby for a night cap. Such a lovely day!!