Frankie goes to Bollywood | Deptford market yard

Market yards are opening up all over London and I welcome them with open arms! Independent shops and restaurants are spreading everywhere instead of chains, thank goodness. On Friday I went to Deptford Market Yard when Frankie goes to Bollywood opened. It is a indian inspired street food diner with pretty basic items on the menu but with a massive twist. Monty, the owner, was running a already successful street food business when he noticed a gap in the market. A lot of indian restaurants have the exact same menu but this place wants to have fun with its ingredients and flavours hence things like sausage and mash and bacon naanwich. I dressed warm and headed out into the cold. Was welcomed by a cinnamon shot.. (it's called something else but it taste like liquid cinnamon) Cute details all over! Sausage and mash! Very very delicious.Fried chicken with indian flavour, yum.Vegan burger. Nam made yummy noises so I think it was good. The place was absolutely packed with people but I can imagine it being lovely during spring when you can sit outside and chill in the sun. There are lots of other places in the market yard and I can't wait to go back and see what else they opening.Have you been to Deptford market yard yet? If so, what did you think of it? Puss!