Foods I've eaten lately

Happy friday all! Let's have a little look at what I've eaten during the last two weeks. From lunch to snacks to dinner.

Lunch at Benugo. A simple wrap with chicken and salsa.I meal prepped one evening and made this! Brown rice (egg fried) with prawns, peas, corn, onions, soya sauce and lots of garlic. I ate it with salmon cooked with teriyaki sauce, nom nom.Avocado on crisp bread.. obviously.Potato gratin with Salmon and veggies. Pretty boring if you ask me but works for lunch!Garlic and herb chicken with a salad, mozzarella and avocadoThis is what I add on everything... Chicken spice blend from SchwartzBattered cod with rice, avocado and veggies. Burritos from Chilango - do not recommend whatsoever. Tasteless and bad service. Ugh.Falafel salad box from Falafel House on Cannon Street - if you work in the City this is a must!Potato gratin with battered cod and veggiesBeen trying to be good and make salads and other boring things.. Here's something I whipped (?) up last night! Halloumi, spinach, a wheatberry and quinoa mix, cucumber, tomatoes and avocado!This is the mix.. Bought it at Tesco! And last but definitely not least.. today's breakfast at work from Pret. Yuuuum.

If anyone has any tips on healthy yummy foods do let me know! :) Have a lovely weekend guys! Puss