Evan and Sofia part II

And it's time for part II.We drove back to the hotel, had a quick touch up in our room and decided to take a few more outfit pictures. Me and Anja were matching in green!dsc07176-copy dsc07177-copy dsc07173-copydsc07182-copy dsc07184-copySeating plandsc07187-copy The decor was minimal and I loved it!dsc07188-copy dsc07189-copy dsc07193-copyWe met everyone else in the lounge, had a sip of champagne and talked about how stunning the ceremony was and wondered if the americans sang along in Värmlandsvisan..dsc07194-copy dsc07195-copy dsc07197-copyAbsolutely stunning scandi-inspired canapésdsc07201-copy Sofia's dad gave a lovely welcome toast and we took our seats at the second most awesome table (the top table won)dsc07219-copy dsc07220-copyLook at our beautiful starter?! I didn't want to ruin it. But I did. And it was delicious.dsc07221-copyAnja was super ready to pose! G wasn't.dsc07222-copySo here's a weird Swedish tradition.. When the bride leaves the room, all unmarried ladies runs to the groom and kisses him on the cheek. This obviously happens when the groom leaves the room as well. You get what I mean. I genuinely don't know what this little game means but man it was fun. dsc07223-copyI had the most amazing guests at my table - so amazing I didn't really make an effort to mingle at the other tables (sorry!!)! dsc07224-copy Our amazing main course. yum.dsc07225-copydsc07226-copyAfter about 4 glasses of wine we started playing games, sang and thought of ways to get Sofia and Evan to kissdsc07227-copy Tom (to the left) REALLY wanted to be one of the groomsmen :) dsc07229-copyFinally time for the cake!dsc07242-copyJust look at them.. <3dsc07248-copyThis one (Emily) made us all laugh so muchdsc07249-copy dsc07253-copy dsc07255-copy dsc07257-copyI think it was at this point the other side of the room screamed "ANDRA SIDAN ÄR NI KLARA??" ("other side are you ready??") and we (well me at least) screamed back "JAJAMENSAN FATTAS BARA! (eh.. translates to "yes we are"). We usually scream/say this during sports games, not weddings haha!dsc07259-copy dsc07267-copy dsc07270-copy After dinner and dessert we moved to the dancefloor and danced all night to beyonce, usher, and macarena. At about 1.30am they served varmkorv med bröd (hotdogs) which was incredibly welcomed by many!! Me and G stumbled to our room at about 3am and we heard the party didn't stop till the early morning.

The entire wedding weekend was so incredible and I am so thankful I got to witness and enjoy it with them. I've never been so emotional at a wedding in my life and I cried se-ve-ral times during the beautiful speeches.

Evan and Sofia, I wish you a lifetime of love, laughter and a happily ever after!