Early cinema date and shopping in Hackney

Yesterday morning we woke up with a jolt at 9.30am and realised we had to be at Rio Cinema at 10.00am, haha. I don't know how but we made it there for 10.05am!I popped on some simple makeup in the car and we were met by a queueWe watched a preview screening of Denzel Washingtons new film Fences. The film is about a family in the 1950's and Troy, the man of the household. He's a sanitary worker and once dreamed of a career in sports, but was deemed too old when the leagues finally began admitting black athletes. This made him an extremely bitter man and he creates tension and drama when his son gets the chance to meet a football recruiter. The film is very much dialogue and performance driven. I was so impressed by Denzel and Viola (Davis) and there was not many dry eyes towards the end of the film. I'm not surprised it is rumoured to get many awards this year. It is one of those that makes you feel and think. Afterwards we walked around Hackney because G wanted to find a specific shop.Hackney walk! I had no idea this was here?! Don't think it has been promoted enough to be honest. It is a luxury outlet "street" with lots of great brands.And look at the stunning Anya Hindmarch shop?! All black with gold door frames. Love love love. After a bit of shopping we both realised we had only had cookies so I decided to look for the closest Vietnamese restaurant as I was craving Pho :)We found Huong Que on Mare Street. Not the prettiest of places, no music playing, one employee in the main restaurant, haha. They had decorated a little bit extra since it's the new year soon!I had a pho ga, yum! Asked for extra ginger and they added loads.G ordered a sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. Look at the portion!! My pho was decent but would've liked more spring onions and other herbs. I can admit I'm annoying to eat Vietnamese food with since I compare it to my mothers cooking ALL THE TIME but how can I not?!

Well folks, that was pretty much our Sunday! I am still feeling pretty ill and have run out of remedies and stuff I usually do whenever I get a cold. It's now been 8 days and I'm just frustrated! I wake up several times a night to cough and my sinuses are just.. ugh. If you have any remedies, let me know!