Dinner party


On Sunday me and Alana hosted a lovely dinner party at home. I haven't had a dinner party at home for such a long time and since the weather was looking ok, we decided to go ahead with it! We went food shopping during the day and prepared in the early afternoon. We made a pretty random punch with berries, vodka, soda and pineapple juice - quite yummy if you ask me!

We also had cheeseboards to munch on before the guests arrived

I decorated my quiche and let it cool down, recipe coming!

Once everyone arrived we ate and oh boy did we eat. There was jerk fried prawns and salmon guacamole (courtesy of Ki), pasta salad, potato salad, chicken wings (thanks to Mai's mom) and my quiche.

We spent a good couple of hours on the terrace before it started raining and we moved inside

Toks and Simone had this lovely pug with them. Her owner was french so she didn't understand a word of what we were saying (or so we think anyway) but boy was she adorable. Made me want a dog even more in the future! I had the best time spending time with friends doing what I love the most.. eat. More dinner parties please :)