Date night at Sketch

Me and my boyfriend try to arrange date nights during busy weeks and last night we went to Sketch on Conduit Street near Oxford Circus. We reserved a table in the gallery, which you can sort of see below. Staff greeted us everywhere and were super attentive and friendly - a huge plus for the both of us.  Everything pink! Sounds slightly cheesy but it is absolutely stunningSurrounded by illustrations by David Shrigley   A beautiful vanilla cocktail for me and a glass of baileys on the rocks for G The Gallery á la Carte is filled with traditional dishes with a twist. I had the Sketch filet de boeuf tartare, winter 2016. It was served with a tiny bit of potato mash with parmesan and a mushroom crispy cake which was delicious whilst eaten with the tartare. I added a side dish of potato chips because.. I need those carbs! G had the sketch fish and chips. The potato sticks was served on a bed of coleslaw and the fish was served in a separate bowl. For dessert I had a selection of four macaroons whilst G had "Malabar". Vanilla bourbon cream, lemon wurtz, malabar ice cream and marshmallows.  Now, if you haven't been to sketch you must've at least heard of their toilets. Seriously.

 (excuse the iphone pictures..) Told you. You basically step into the pod to do your thaaang whilst pretending you're going to space (ladies toilets only, apparently there are bird noises in the men's).

Noelle's quick five Service: except for one clearing-happy waiter the staff were amazing. They were happy to recommend dishes and speak about the other bars/restaurants inside Sketch Food: Not the biggest portions but for a petite person like myself it was absolutely fine. I liked the twist of the dishes as well Atmosphere: Romantic Interior: I would go back simply because of the interior Toilets: I would go back simply because of the toilets

When I got home I arranged these beautiful lilies and roses from G :) It's the little things.


Puss, N