Date night and Buttoned up with Individualism

Last thursday I met my bestie Mikaela for dinner at Café Mode in Covent Garden. I hadn't seen her since before Christmas so it was super lovely catching up!bynoelle-cafe-mode-restaurant-covent-gardenWe decided to have a burger each whilst talking about our 2017 goals (get our dream body etc) hahabynoelle-cafe-mode-restaurant-covent-garden2Finished our meal with some healthy creamy profiteroles.. bynoelle-cafe-mode-restaurant-covent-garden3I'm not going to write too much about the actual restaurant as the service was extremely slow and food OK.. In a nutshell: I won't be returning.After our meal we popped over to The Hospital Club, a private members club for London's creative people. Individualism hosted "Buttoned up", a party for the well dressed to kick off LCM (London Fashion Week for Men).bynoelle-buttoned-up-individualism-lcmNigel :)bynoelle-buttoned-up-individualism-lcm2Alisa, me and Lily, who wore an amazing Aaliyah t-shirt!bynoelle-buttoned-up-individualism-lcm3Orch London was there, he's an amazing illustratorHe took a picture of me and Lily and drew us! So exciting!I wore my usual black attire with heels, and a black coat (imagine it for the illustration!). Lily's drawing! SPOT ON!?Here's mine! I was so impressed by his illustrations that I mentioned it to my boss at work and we will hopefully be able to work together very soon :)