Dad's birthday!

In my previous post I wrote that I had to be in Sweden by friday evening/saturday morning, and the reason was my dad. He turned 75 on Thursday and my mother organised a big party on Saturday with lots of friends, family and neighbours.We arrived shortly after 2pm and helped with the food before everyone else arrived. My mom had cooked for days!DSC04855 copy DSC04857 copy DSC04861 copy DSC04862 copy DSC04864 copy DSC04865 copy DSC04867 copy DSC04874 copy DSC04876 copyFood coma times a million. I'm pretty sure I saw G have 4 plates of food, haha. We had such a good time seeing old and new friends. Me, my sister and half brothers have not been in the same room for a good couple of years so it was nice seeing everyone together. Think we were all a little bit moved!

Puss, N