Cooking alongside Donal Skehan and Tenderstem at L'atelier des Chefs


Yesterday afternoon I got to cook alongside Donal Skehan and Tenderstem at L'atelier des Chefs in central London.I was met by prosecco and a bunch of lovely journalists, bloggers and foodies and we started to chat away whilst the team were prepping the kitchen.

The place was decorated with Tenderstem stickers and the yummy vegetable itself ;)

We soon got to go inside the kitchen and were introduced to Donal and the team. Our first dish was a lovely green pasta that Isabel Morgan created - she won the National Recipe Hunt!

Donal demonstrated how to cook the dish and it was soon our turn.

We were given all the ingredients needed and lucky me, I had Isabel at my table!

The pasta dish Isabel created is made with a lovely basil pesto, mushrooms, spinach and obviously our tenderstem.

Hollie was very proud of her courgettes!

Annem (from So Wrong it's Nom) was brilliant at chopping mushrooms ;)

We moved over to the stove and mixed everything together, the pasta, veggies and pesto.

Added salt and pepper..

And voila!! Such a delicious dish. Me and Annem were discussing how we never pick up a vegetable and think "what can I cook based on this vegetable?", instead we usually start with chicken or fish. This class really opened up my eyes to think differently!

We got to enjoy our meal for a bit before the next class. This time Donal made us watch as we had probably spent too much time chatting..

Charred tenderstem with a chilli vinaigrette and tahini youghurt!

The recipe looked very easy and even though it contained more chilli than what I personally would've added, it was yummy!

I had such good time getting to know new people and cooking alongside Donal! I definitely want to go to more cooking classes as it opens your eyes and mind more inside the kitchen.

These are the two recipes we got to try and highly recommend both!

Thank you Tenderstem for a lovely event!

Pics are my own and from Hollie.