Cheesecake palace

On friday I treated myself to brunch at Joe and the Juice inside Mall of Scandinavia. You can never go wrong with Joe. dsc07103-copy After loads of editing and posting I took the train to Arlanda airport to pick up hubby dsc07104-copyWe then travelled to Kista just outside of Stockholm to visit my best friends new café!! dsc07105-copyCHEESECAKE PALACE! <3Me and Arild met when we were both living in Oslo, Norway. We worked together at Deli de Luca and bonded over cakes, ice cream and love for hiphop and rnb. Ever since our time in Oslo we'll meet up regularly in Stockholm and do what we do best.. eat. We'll bake something (usually apple crumble because.. apple crumble) and eat it whilst watching a movie and have dinner at garlic and shots, sometimes all in the same day. We've always been supportive of each other's careers, relationships and life decisions and fast forward 8 years he has now opened his own damn cheesecake café. Like, who does that?! I'm so proud of him!!dsc07108-copydsc07107-copy dsc07109-copy dsc07110-copy dsc07111-copy dsc07112-copy Aaahhhhhh yuuuuuum.dsc07113-copy Bro.dsc07117-copy dsc07118-copy Philly cheese steak sandwichesdsc07120-copyI swear the day I get married he'll be my best (wo)man.