Catch up at Pinchos and apartment goals

I've always said; once you move country you truly realise who your real friends are. I've moved countries 4 times by now and my circle is getting smaller and smaller which I genuinely don't mind as I only want real and good hearted people around me.I don't have that many friends left in my hometown as many now live in bigger cities or abroad but on Sunday evening we met up with a few who are :) Anja, her bf Tom and my childhood friend Miriam met us at Pinchos, a newly opened restaurant in Scala teatern, Karlstad's local theatre. It has a quite weird circus theme and it is apparently the world's first app-restaurant meaning everything you order is via their app. Once the food is ready you get a little ping on the app that it is ready to be collected. Super simple. DSC04953 copy DSC04957 copy DSC04959 copy DSC04960 copyMe and G shared about 14 small plates (way too much, haha) and literally tried a bit of everything on the menu. DSC04968 copyDSC04962 copy DSC04963 copy DSC04964 copyDSC04969 copyPinchos was cool and even though you kind of had to do everything yourself I liked it. The food was good and it was simply a different and cool experience. After dinner Miriam went home and the rest of us walked back to Anja and Tom's amazingly beautiful apartment. High ceilings, big windows and white walls. The ultimate dream for anyone who's interested in architecture and interior. DSC04972 copyDSC04974 copyDSC04973 copyDSC04975 copyWhilst the boys watched football me and Anja drank tea and talked. Such a good ending to the day!

Puss, N