Breakfast at Gail's

For some reason I woke up at 7am this lovely morning thinking it was Monday.. Imagine the relief and happiness when I realised it's sunday, haha! I had scheduled to meet my lovely friend Nigel (might see my little face on his website.. woop!) at 11am and because I didn't know how to actually get to Blackheath I left pretty early. Since it was sunny I took a longer walk to a different DLR station and travelled from there.My new coat from Vietnam (pictures will come soon, don't worry), cashmere scarf and my favourite chanel espadrilles Gail's! Yuuuuum Me and Nigel were crushing on the lights I had Gail's BLT with bacon, spinach, red pepper aioli and tomato relish.. NOM!!! Nigel had brioche french toast with maple bacon.. Oh my days. If you have breakfast here.. Just have it.. OK?  We finished off our breakfast/fika with lemon cake and chocolate hazelnut bun Puss, N