Blondie's cookie sandwich and Bone Daddies

I had such a lovely monday afternoon guys. After work I took the tube two stops to Old Street and met up with Pharao. We bought two cookie sandwiches (!!!) from Blondies, a new pop up at the station, realised there were no seats so walked outside to find some. dsc07366-copy dsc07371-copydsc07367-copy dsc07368-copy We ended up here.. A relatively new area behind Old Street station with benches and restaurants.dsc07372-copy dsc07373-copy dsc07374-copy dsc07376-copy dsc07378-copyThe cookie sandwiches gets a 6/10 from me. Rather harsh I know. I would've prefered them warm and with ice cream in the middle - and the girls could've been a liiiittle more enthusiastic about selling them :)dsc07381-copyMikaela joined us and we spotted the restaurant Bone Daddies, so we obviously had to go there!dsc07382-copy dsc07383-copyMikaela confessed that this was her very first time trying Ramen and both me and Pharao was super excited that we got to share this amazing new experience with her, hahadsc07385-copy dsc07386-copy Yumdsc07387-copy Yumdsc07389-copy Yuuuum (the above is mine.. the more stuff the better)dsc07392-copyShe approved!!! (She would've lost so many brownie points if she didn't like it tbf..)dsc07393-copy Why is it that I always wear a white shirt when I'm eating soup?! Luckily Bone Daddies supply these lovely bibs ;)dsc07398-copyWe ended our meal with these amazing mochi ice creams. Salt caramel and coconut are my faves!