An average week filled with gym, food and new headphones

What a week. It hasn't been particularly interesting tbh, hence the quietness here. Early in the week I genuinely struggled getting over my shitty pms-mood and after that I've just been busy with work.Here are a few positives though! I am finally back in my gym routine and it feels really good, yay me!     Petite problems. Having to fold leggings as the legs are too long on me. Always. I bought a new pair of headphones from Urbanears! My old grey ones died and Urbanears were kind enough to offer a replacement BUT I couldn't find the receipt anywhere. I'm happy either way cause I got to buy a pair of black ones with mic.. ;)I had a lovely dinner date with G at Wagamama on Thursday. We spoke about riddles (I hate them), future blog plans and how dry the rice was. Yesterday I met up with Mai who had a London flight and we had dinner at Nando's as she was craving it. We were later joined by Emelie and Carmen as well :)I was craving ice cream and at Vue in Stratford they've got a Ben&Jerry shop! We saw Fifty Shades Darker and all agreed that it was way better than the first one! Most likely due to it being a different producer.. I had such a lovely, chill evening with the girls and went to sleep early.

Hope you're all having an amazing weekend! Puss!