Alessia Cara at The Electric in Brixton

If you haven't listened to Alessia Cara's debut album DO SO NOW PLEASE THANK YOU VERY MUCH.As a birthday gift to Mikaela (who got married last weekend) I got us tickets to see Alessia at The Electric. We met shortly after work and travelled together to Brixton and arrived at 6.45. Doors opened at 7 and the queue was absolutely insane, so we decided to eat (obviously something involving food..).  David Bowie was from Brixton and there are so many pictures, notes and flowers from fans. Beautiful. We ended up going to a random restaurant/bar called SW9 on a side street and even though the exterior didn't say much about the place the decor was lovely and staff friendly. We shared a plate of ribs and chips from their specials menu. At 8 we walked up to The Electric again and got in straight away. It was already packed at the front and Alessia's first guest was performing, Arrow Benjamin! He sang his massive tune "running running" (you know, the one with queen B) and everyone sang along. Amazing. Once Arrow had finished we walked up to the balcony where the view was way better for someone short like me, haha. I managed to squeeze in between some people whilst Mikaela stood behind me. Second act came on and it was Alessia's guitarist Craig Stickland who sang a few of his new songs. He literally looks like Ashton Kutcher with his tall frame and long hair. All of his songs were about love, relationships and everything between and his vocals were spot on. I am suuure that most girls front row fell in love. 20 minutes later and Alessia finally took the stage with her latest hits. She started with I'm Yours and continued with Seventeen, and Four Pink Walls. The setlist was a perfect mix between her singing with the amazing band, on her own with guitar and on her own with the pianist. She thanked about a million people including her band, dad and fans between songs and had the best speeches about loving yourself for who you really are. I still can't believe she's only 19!? I did not act this mature at that age, that's for sure.  The most magical moment was when she sang Here (click!) and everrryyybooodddyyy sang along. After the concert she jumped off stage and shook everyones hands and took selfies with the front row - name one other artist that does that? So humble. I'm still buzzing after this wonderful experience :)

Puss, N