A very merry brazilian Christmas

On Christmas Eve I went to the gym for the first time in a week and it felt so so good. I was the only one there for a good twenty minutes but the weights room was slightly busier.. I had a good workout and then used the pressure showers in the spa to massage my muscles and relax. After gym I met up with G and we had some breakfast and did some very last minute shopping. In the late evening we went to his aunt's house and had the most wonderful yummy-in-my-tummy meal. Rice, potatoes, veggies, turkey, chicken, ribs and feijoada - brazilian bean stew. God it's delicious.bynoelle-christmas-dinner bynoelle-christmas-dinner2 bynoelle-christmas-dinner3 bynoelle-christmas-dinner4 My plate.. I could eat this daily. bynoelle-christmas-dinner5Rice pudding and chocolate cake for dessert.. I didn't really take any pictures during christmas eve and christmas day as it's all about family and simply eating and relaxing. We played video games, watched several movies and slept, haha. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas! Now the countdown to 2017 begins.