A rant about living on your own

I need to rant about living on your own/not with your parents.I've lived on my own for nearly 10 years and that is a ridiculously long time for many in their twenties. I first moved to Oslo and lived there for two years (shoutout to Tuzz!), then London for two years, Dubai for one year and now London again. I'm so used to being on my own that when I have someone staying over (be it my partner or friend) I have now realised I can feel a little restricted. I can binge watch a netflix show on my own, eat a tub of ice cream, do my nails without getting disturbed, eat avocado toast for dinner, walk around half naked the entire day, invite whoever for brunch and all this without anyone judging - except me. But what on earth happens when you live with someone? In the same room? Surely I can't have avocado toast for dinner three days in a row? Yesterday I met up with Emelie after work and we had a juice and sandwich each at Joe's near work. I got home around 7.30 and didn't feel like having a big meal so decided to have some skyr (thick protein-ish yoghurt), granola and an orange. Whilst eating this I thought I'm sure G would've judged me if I said "this is dinner tonight" haha. At the same time.. I don't think I would've "offered" this to anyone else except me. Now, there is obviously a flipside to this! Living with someone you're close to means carrying help with suitcases/shopping bags, sharing a meal, having someone scratch your back (best feeling ever) and attend to your needs when you're ill (me), motivate you to not be a lazy bum, make you laugh, borrow clothes from each other, sharing cabs and simply have company. What do you consider pro's and con's of living with someone? I'd seriously love to hear your thoughts. And do you have silly dinners like this as well or is it just me? Haha!

P.S I spoke to a colleague about this today and she said whenever her husband is travelling she eats avocado toast for dinner with a cup of tea. Yay!