A fancy evening at Coq d'Argent

On Thursday it was finally time for the annual start of season party with work. I organised the entire event with Laura, the events manager at Coq d'Argent and had the best time doing so. From the many tasting sessions to last minute changes and countless of emails, she was there and was super helpful.I got ready at the gym and walked over to Coq d'Argent just after 5pm and was met by staff running around setting everything up. It looked absolutely beautiful. Laura was quick to give me a glass of bubbly which was highly appreciated, haha.Doesn't it look stunning? Minimal table settings but very elegant.The reception/lounge area where we had bubbly and canapes. Colleagues started to pour in and soon the place was filled by elegantly dressed women and very handsome men.Ivo made sketches of as many as he possibly could!Canapes were being served and pictures taken!Me and my beautiful colleague Hannah (both wearing Missguided)We ate this: (pictures from our tasting session)London oak salmon (with condiments) Créme Dubarry (cauliflower velouté, poached egg, truffle and croutons) - the cauliflower dish was my absolute fave. If they made it into a main I'd seriously have it twice.Wild mushrooms, salsify, carrots and chestnuts Beef Wellington Both served with buttery mash and greens I had the beef wellington (well done) and it was absolutely delicious. My colleagues couldn't agree more!And for dessert we had an apple :) Or that is what I wrote on the menu to everyone. I really wanted to surprise people a little bit by having this "Apple Parfait" instead of a classic Creme Brulee or Apple Crumble, you know? This is ice cream covered in green coloured white chocolate with a ball of sorbet inside. So fun and so delicious! During dinner our magician Mitch walked around and literally blew peoples minds away. He showed me a brand new trick which I am still trying to understand but obviously can't!He popped my card inside the deck of cards, places the coin on top with a piece of paper, put fire on the paper and SOMEHOW THE COIN BURNED THROUGH THE DECK, DOWN TO MY CARD? Insane.My "I'm not at all impressed.. I am actually pissed off for not understanding the trick" faceThen things went downhill.Ugh.Sher, Hannah and me :)Clare got me a super pretty cocktail! I believe we told the bartender to make us something yummy, haha.We also had a photobooth from Planned2Perfection! The lady taking care of it could've been a bit more friendly but other than we were happy with the pictures.

I can't thank Laura and the team at Coq d'Argent enough for the high standard of service and help planning everything. I had several emails waiting for me the next morning complimenting the food, service, entertainment and staff. Thank you!!