Bone Daddies / Soho

After work on friday my dear friend Karla messaged me and said "Bone Daddies, 6.30pm". After a quick google session I found out that Bone Daddies on Peter Street in Soho is one of soon four restaurants. They serve Ramen noodles and super yummy side dishes. Cool. Awesome. We like it already.Me and my colleague Sher left the City and travelled to Soho and was met by our friends and a 20 minute queue. Now, for a party of 7 it wasn't actually a long wait aaaand the sake probably made the wait feel shorter.. Warm Sake for all!I chose the Soy Ramen with chicken and *uhm..* cock scratchings. RamenNom nom nom ramen nom nom If you're a messy person there are bibs available :) More Sake! Sher and Pharao are terrible influencers. Enjoying that soup! Yummy finger-licking gooey korean fried chicken Mochi Ice Cream! A must if you go. The Salt Caramel was my fave.

Noelle's quick five Service: Most of them smiled and were chatty, some seemed slightly stressed. No wonder since the restaurant is absolutely tiny with lots and lots of cramped seats. Thumbs up to the staff who got our many orders right. Food: Absolutely delicious. My first impression was that there wasn't enough broth but the bowl was seriously deep! Atmosphere: Great. My fantastic colleague decided to sing Happy Birthday to me and the entire restaurant joined in.. (it wasn't my birthday). Vibey music as well! Interior: I mean, they clearly focus more on the atmosphere and food, which I would prefer any day of the week.. But the interior was ok. Nothing too special. Toilets: Clean. I'm happy.

Would I go back? Yes indeed.

Puss, N