24 hours in São Paulo


We had one day in São Paulo before we had to take another flight to Goiânia so we decided to explore the area around where we stayed.

The city has a mix of beautiful old buildings and already run down newer ones.

Inside this beautiful building we found a Calvin Klein outlet and I couldn't not buy myself some new underwear!

Next to where we stayed was this super cool vintage shop called Gato Bravo.

I tried on this beautiful sequin dress that must've been from the early 90's. Super heavy, super tight, and just.. man. Wished I bought it (not that I would have any kind of event to wear it to, but still!).

That denim jacket was for rent only. Sigh. Across the road was another cool shop called Calligraphia.

They sold the most random stuff in there - from pens to lights to plates to carousels.

The street.

In the evening we popped next door to Famiglia Mancini, a family run restaurant that opened in 1980. After a little more research I've found out that it is one of the best Italian restaurants in São Paulo!

We had a wonderful pasta filled with ricotta and meatballs with tomato sauce. Their pasta comes in dishes served for two which we both thought was great - less waste for the world!

Tired face

We shared a bottle of wine and discussed our future amongst other things

We had a relaxed first day in Brazil and the highlight was probably the pasta (y'all know me!).