I donated my hair!


I just can't believe I did it?! On Tuesday I went to Nadia's hair salon and chopped my hair off for charity and for a personal change. She kindly offered me a glass of wine which I happily took and we snapped a few pictures before we got started.


She brushed through my hair one last time and gathered it into a low ponytail and asked me a hundred times if I was sure about what we were about to do. I said "no, but just do it" and she cut through the thick ponytail. I gave away a little scream and were sweating like crazy.

It was a very weird feeling seeing my hair NEXT to my head! But it also felt unbelievably good.

Nadia washed my hair in ice cold water (to cool me down...) and we were soon deciding what to actually do with my hair as I still wasn't sure. We decided on a pretty classic bob!


When it was all cut into one length she curled, brushed and curled some more and...




I never in a million years thought I was ready for a big change like this but man, I absolutely love my new do.

I've had so many lovely comments about it and I can't wait to continue playing around with it as I feel clueless, haha.

The lack of pictures from the "cut" is because I filmed it all and hoping to put together a little youtube video soon! Stay tuned.