Early Christmas gift from iiaa skincare


More often that what I show here I get sent PR packages with goodies. It could be a new cream, candles or tea and I appreciate all of it, I really do, but sometimes I get a beautifully wrapped gift like this and I just have to share it!

OK, how pretty is this?! Brownie points to the disco balls that me and my flatmates will use as decoration!

So, what was inside? Let's have a look. First up is a luminizer trio with lovely shades of vanilla, gold and a peachy colour. I can't wait to try them on my little face!

It extends out like this too.. :) Next up is this serum from Environ which I've heard great things about! I've obviously just entered my late twenties (haha) so this Youth+ serum is welcomed.

Another item in the box was skin collagen support (supplements) from Advanced Nutrition Programme which contains Vitamins A and Vitamin C. Combined they are meant to contribute to maintenance of normal healthy skin and collagen formation..

Very excited to try it all!!