A real life update.


I feel like I haven't been able to catch a break since the second week of January, well until last week. Life changing decisions has been made for me, without me. I've been put it in so many situations I'm extremely uncomfortable with and to top it all off, someone close to me was very sick.

I started this year feeling very motivated and excited and it's taken me months to finally feel like myself again. During the start of the year I felt embarrassed for feeling sorry for myself, angry at the world and the need to escape.. and so I did! I booked a flight to Dubai and it was the best decision I could've made at that time. Whilst I was there I let go of as much as I could. I didn't think about money, what I ate, what I did, when I slept, I just wanted to be. It was during this trip that I allowed myself to truly just be. For some reason it's easier to do that in a city where you barely know anyone. The sun and warm weather helped too!

When I came back and spent a day or two in the cold I got the post-travel blues. I started having negative thoughts, anxiety about anything and everything, I felt lonely and didn't know how to help myself. I met up with amazing friends, some old and some new, and whilst meeting them I felt so happy and energised and as soon as we said goodbye I would deflate and needed to go home and recharge for a day. That's pretty much what it's like being an introverted extrovert. Or extroverted introvert? Might do another post on that, haha.

After a couple of weeks of feeling this way I slowly started to accept everything above. It's absolutely fine to have an actual long break and my closest friends told me that over and over. Some even said that what I had gone through, most people go through during perhaps a year, not a couple of weeks.


I don't even know what the message of this post is or if there is one. Perhaps that it is ok to take an actual break whether that is from work, the city you live in, friends or blogging. Life's too short to feel forced to do something you don't want to do or like. Does that make sense? The people who truly care about you will be patient, they will make sure you are ok and perhaps even "wake you up" from your lowest points.

I am feeling MUCH happier nowadays and I'm excited to make more plans again whether it be work, blog stuff or in my personal life.

And to finish this off.. What do you guys think about this new blog design?! I've moved from Wordpress to Squarespace and really like the minimal look of my blog right now :)