It's all in the details


I think I've mentioned it earlier but I have recently changed rooms in my house and it is finally coming together! This weekend I had a painter in to paint the cream/yellow walls white and oh boy what a difference.


I have two new posters from Desenio on my chest of drawers and I can't decide whether I want to keep them there or hang them up on the wall.. we'll see. One is of the desert and reminds me of my time in Dubai and the other one is a naked body with a shadow from a leaf.


I love this mini watering can I got from the modern museum in Stockholm. You can buy the same one here.


I got this jewellery holder from Ebay! Such a good find.


I love buying items like these on my travels. This beautiful wooden elephant is from Colombo in Sri Lanka. Both of my plants (Monstera Deliciosa and Snake Plant) are from Amazon and the concrete pot is from the Goodhood store in Shoreditch.