Shopping: Sustainable swimwear for the summer

Summer is here (ish) and although London doesn’t have many swimming places, I’m going on holiday soon.
I have a pretty good collection of swimwear but now that I’m on this “conscious journey” I decided to look for some sustainable brands.
My main criteria was design - I just didn’t think I’d find brands that were feminine and sexy and next was affordability.

Let’s have a little look at what I found!

gyko swimwear london

GYKO swimwear
Designed and made in London using Econyl, a italian Lycra made form plastic waste. I really like the modular design (mix/match) and the price point isn’t bad at all.
From £40 per item.


Weekday (recycled range)
I’m part of the group that thinks it’s great that big brands do their bit to contribute to a better planet, even if it’s a small one. Weekday has a couple of collections with re-made clothes, recycled and organic cotton and I like it. Their swimwear is minimal and very affordable!
From £8 per item.


Tidal Swimwear
Made with recycled Italian lycra, this UK based brand focuses on slow fashion with little waste. Again a great brand that you can mix and match with for great prices.
From £55 per item.


I see a pattern.. Ohoy is also using Econyl yarn, but I don’t mind that at all. Beautiful simple designs in soft colours. They also donate 1% sales to support the recovery of nets by volunteer divers.
From €45 per item


Love the designs, not the prices. Reformation is a brand that I think everyone should be inspired by. Their website has information on their workers, fabrics, factories and more. Brands needs to be as transparent as they are.
From £60 per item

Noell RiemslagComment