Top 5 clothing rental platforms in London

Hi friends!

So on my quest to become more sustainable and conscious with my shopping I’ve found something that isn’t necessarily new, but more and more platforms are popping up within this field.

I’m talking about renting clothes.

There are 2 different kinds. Renting clothes from a company that has a stock of clothes, or what I am more interested in; peer to peer rental.

Below are my top 5 platforms that I’ve kept my eyes on. I haven’t actually used any of them yet but plan to during the summer and will keep you guys updated on how it goes!


HURR collective
A peer to peer rental platform where you need have a referral code or added to the very long waiting list. Their instagram makes me believe they have a very good selection of people and clothes.


Hirestreet is different from HURR where they have a stock of items and regularly buy in new clothes. They also focus on high street/mid market brands which makes it very affordable.


This platform focuses on “on demand luxury”. They have a wide rang of luxurious brands and pieces.


A new platform with only a handful of members at the moment but the potential is definitely there. As HURR, By Rotation focuses on peer to peer rental with mid/up market brands.


Another luxury clothing platform with brands like Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Versace.