Hi there friends.

There's been a few of these posts aka me trying to explain where I've been, why I haven't posted consistently, basically making excuses. This time around I actually don't have an excuse. I chose not to blog for a while, to not be online as much, take a step back and reflect.

It's been an interesting couple of months to say the least. I've had several jobs, I've gone through a lot of things emotionally, I've researched, I’ve read, I've learnt, I've talked. I've done a lot of things for me in order to be a better person for others and I'd love to share more about that both here but also on my Instagram.

One of the main things I've worked on lately is self love. I've always been fine on my own, always managed "to be fine” especially after moving to many countries on my own, but I’ve realised “being fine” doesn't necessarily mean that you're comfortable or actually happy with yourself. The saying “you can’t love someone else until you love yourself” has also been a game changer in my mind. I think getting closer to 30 has made me think a lot deeper about how I see myself and basically giving myself some time to reflect and with that, giving myself credit for what I have achieved so far. I’m having conversations with women around me about self love, and noticing that I am certainly not alone but also that it helps talking about it, digging deeper.

Next reflection has a lot to do with our wonderful planet earth. Instead of the latest netflix show I’ve watched a lot of documentaries about sustainability/global warming, read papers, researched sustainable fashion and attended talks and events. By educating myself I've taken a, although small, conscious step back from the fast fashion world and try to use less plastic. Not to say I'll never shop fast fashion or use plastic again, cause I have and I will - but I am a lot more mindful of what and how I shop. This is also something I'd like to share more of, my own journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle which includes fashion, home and food.

I genuinely feel like I'm on a pretty wonderful journey of self discovering whilst also being mindful of whats going on around me, be it friends, lover or our planet and I hope you’ll stick around to see what’s next.

Puss x

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