London swedes go cray cray!

On Saturday I was invited to attend the annual crayfish party hosted by Londonswedes and I managed to recruit a pretty awesome group of friends.
We arrived quite early and I tried to explain the history of "kräftskiva" without luck but everyone liked the idea of eating good food and getting drunk.

Lots of pictures below:

We had mash, meatballs and lingonberry for starter and crayfish, potato salad and sides for main which was delicious! After the mains we all got a shot each and sang Helan Går which is probably the most famous snaps song in Sweden, my friends wouldn't stop singing it after either.. There was also a raffle where people won Swedish treats but unfortunately none of my friends won!
After a few more drinks and picture taking we ended up at White City House and talked and chilled out for hours before going home.

And yes, I was quite hungover on Sunday.

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